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The perfect blend to create some heat and comfort on a cool morning or evening. A take on a traditional chai tea but filled with herbs and mushrooms to help support your stress responses while also nourishing your immune system. 


*All herbs are organic. 

Available in 4oz and 8oz 



> Cardamom 

> Cloves 

> Cinnamon 

> Nutmeg 

> Black Pepper 

> Oat Straw 

> Reishi Mushroom 

> Turkey Tail Mushroom 

> Ginger 

>Eleuthero Root 

> Astragalus 

Spicy Life Tea

  • Use about a pinch or two and allow to steep in boiling water for 7-12 minutes. The longer the steep, the spicier the flavor. Pair with some local honey and a splash of milk.  Perfectly pairs with a lit candle and  favorite music of choice. 

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