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A perfect tea blend to pair with some James Brown when you are wanting to feel uplifted and happy. The herbs used in this tea promote positivity and optimism. Adaptogens are also present. So not only does your mood get uplifted while sipping this tea, your ability to handle stress is also supported. Win. Win. 


*All herbs are organic. 

4oz and 8oz available.



>Orange peel 

> Calendula 

> Lemon Balm 

> Oat Straw 

> Chamomille 

> Rhodolia 

> Schisandra Berries 

> Goji Berries 



Feeling Good Tea

  • Take a pinch or two and steep for 3-5 minutes. Add a splash of local honey or even your favorite milk for a special treat. For even greater benefits; turn up your favorite dance song while sipping. 

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