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Who I Am: Unfolding into Resilient Mind-Body-Spirit Healing

As I continue to grow as a human, I constantly check in and ask myself, "Is this what I want? Am I giving away things that I don't want?" I find inspiration in Mae Whitman's words, reminding me to reflect on who I am and what I want to keep doing.

Describing myself with a series of labels feels limiting, for I am much more than the sum of these words. What truly matters is the knowledge and experiences I have gained along the way.

For the past 18 years, I have passionately immersed myself in various knowledge bases to forge connections with others and bring forth their best selves. My focus spans nutrition, health coaching, public health, culinary medicine, mind-body medicine, herbalism, essential oils, tarot, frequency medicine, creativity, resiliency, stress management, holistic health, and dimensions of wellbeing.

My exploration into these modalities has occurred through personal growth, academic pursuits, and professional endeavors. With a master's in Public Health and a Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine, I have dedicated myself to teaching, consulting, and guiding individuals, corporations, groups, and fellow educators in implementing holistic lifestyle modifications.

Through my healing journey—mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually—I have realized that actual knowledge is meant to be shared. I am driven by a deep desire to connect with others on their path to resilient wellness. Over the past fifteen years, I have assisted thousands of individuals in reclaiming their bodies, intuition, and overall wellbeing.

This path I walk is an ongoing adaptation into resiliency. It is a wild declaration, an unwavering commitment to vibrant mind-body-spirit healing. I am here to inspire, empower, and guide others toward their transformative journeys, so we can all grow, heal, and become our most empowered selves.

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