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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

When you hear the word inflammation, what do you think of?

Most commonly in my realm of expertise we are discussing physiological inflammation that can contribute to illness, disease, and overall diminishment of wellbeing. Commonly, we will talk about inflammation as it relates to getting a cut and the body's response to healing the cut through the inflammatory process.

Very rarely do I hear people talk about inflammation in terms of mind, body, and spirit. This very concept is what interests me. What does emotional inflammation look like? Rage, anger, suppressed emotional reactions, trauma? What does mental inflammation feel like? Mental thought loops, minimization of self, or anxiety? What about spiritual inflammation? A loss of connection with a higher purpose, being out of alignment, or not feeling centered or aware? What about nutritional inflammation? Eating diets that do not bring vitality, reduced alkalinity, gut disturbances? And, equally what does social inflammation look like? Isolation, reactivity, a lack of support?

All of these areas are where I believe inflammation can be just as detrimental to our over all wellbeing as physical inflammation due to dietary and lifestyle choices. We can address any of these areas and see alterations in physical inflammatory markers and their correlated responses.

When we start to understand that the mind, body and spirit connection is deeply intertwined with our ability to live a life filled with vitality and wellbeing; we can then begin the journey to address which area of our wellbeing needs our immediate attention.

Adapting Resiliently (my book) is getting ready to launch soon; in it I discuss all areas of potential inflammation and acidity, how this correlates with health and wellbeing or detracts from it, and what to do within each area of the healing journey towards optimal wellbeing.

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