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Have you ever tried to pull energy? I have moved a lot in my life; so when things get stagnant I get a bit restless. This is when you will find me moving furniture around or purging the house; its all a game of moving energy so that new things can come in.

I have been feeling that way for a bit now about my identity and my business. My husband says, that everything comes in seasons. Some we feel creative, ignited, and passionate and others we feel reflective, quiet, and contemplative. It's a challenge to work between the energies of a creative and a entrepreneur.

In this season; I have made the active decision to dismantle and reorganize, to shift and clear arealmnd to become something I know my dreams have been made of for some time. So I have had to get serious with myself; a good garage sale of what's not working if you will.

I have been diving into work on reprogramming neural pathways, manifestation, creativity, journaling, intention setting, frequency medicine, meditation, and putting rituals in place. This has meant deep diving into some hard truths about me and my business, creating more meals, and being more intentional with time and what I desire.

I have gotten myself a coach because let's be honest- we all need someone to hold a mirror and challenge our growth at times. So, I am moving more energy into this realm because through all this personal work I have been doing- I am clear that this is where I want to be. In communion with you. I desire and love working with people who are ready to unblock their bodies, minds, and spirits with intuitive and holistic practices; practices that reconnect them. to their sovereignity. Are you kidding me?!?! Thats the most epic and humbling work I could ever hope to do with my life; I have such imense amounts of gratitude that it is a option in my life.


I hope you will join me on this ride of reorganizing and pulling more energy. The vision is clear and there are more options being generated on supporting you and your growth while also doing so for me. I am calling in individuals who are also ready to be held accountable in experiencing their vitality and knowing that all is possible through realignment in their bodies, mind's and spirits; individuals who crave holistic and intuitive support and who don't shy away from being FULLY seen.

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