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Balancing Act

Ever feel like you are spinning plates? That's me lately. I have so many projects that are calling to me and that I want to commit to and also not a ton of time to do them.

I have launched a new painting account. Fun fact. I started my educational journey thinking I would become a painter and because of health issues, mid way through my undergrad switched to the world I work in today. After the birth of my second son, painting has come back full force (well really it was happening before him but now I feel like I need to do something with the paintings). So, amongst the projects focusing on client calls, essential oil and frequency medicine training, baby care, and household maintenance you will find me putting paint to canvas.

I used to spend hours in front of a canvas really allowing myself to leisurely dance with the creation. Now it's much different. I have a minute here or there to hear the whispers of the canvas and honor the calling. It looks like I grab a color and do what needs to be done and then stand back in allowance and move on to the next task at hand. I am honestly liking this style of painting, it feels like honoring the whispers of intuition when they happen. Acting, when prompted and then trusting that, is enough for the moment. The painting takes shape slowly now but the act of listening when I am told to act is becoming stronger.

The act of presence is the balancing act. Of trusting the pings when they come and then doing something about them. It drops the ego, the need for all of life to look a particular way, for social media to have a particular aesthetic or for communication to be poignant. There is a trusting in the rawness, in the mess, in the balancing of one quiet ping to another, in the vulnerability of showing up and allowing that to be enough.

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