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As the seasons go

Anyone else having a complete season of upheaval and change? How are you leaning into and embracing it?

In the previous months I have birthed a baby and rebirthed myself. This is a profound time of recalibrating and reintegrating this new version of me. I am finding myself stripping away that which I had thought was important, the ways in which I had identified and how I assumed all would go. Basically, I am realizing everything I had assumed to be 'known' and 'solid' is fluid and unfolding.

Sometimes we need those reminders in order to help us see from a new perspective.

In my field of study, I am well experienced in focusing on all that contributes to illness, disease, and discomfort in the mind, body, and spirit. I am finding that I no longer have the capacity to focus there. Instead, I want to focus on and amplify all that can go right. Truly, what does a joyous, expansive, and life filled with vitality look and feel like?

Look for me to begin to explore the tools that are filling my tool kit as I lean into and create from this question. I am looking forward to this season of learning how to expand, create, and be the best version of myself at this time. I'd love to walk this journey with you.

Feel free to let me know if this is resonating with your journey to vitality too....


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